Wednesday 28 November 2012


Elsie was a kind and open hearted girl, so when she saw a small ground creeper in need, she offered it a lift on her shoe. This glum mollusc gradually slithered all the way up to her ear, where it promptly glued itself, so to speak.

 Delighted of it's captive audience, the shelled one whispered endlessly on.  What it said, we do not know, but looking at our dear Elsie's face it seemed to be a tale of woe.

 Even after they arrived at their destination she just couldn't get it off, no amount of juicy leaves or mossy beds could tempt it down. And, as you can see, a resident snail is not very good for ones hair!

Would this incessant droning never end? Pondered Elsie as she sank down, defeated, on the forest floor. There she sat until the Governessa stumbled upon her, nestled under a damp pile of leaf litter.


Rhissanna said...

Oh dear! I love her stoical little face as she deals with the dismal tale of a snail!

Anthropomorphica said...

Oh Rhissana, I laughed so much when I read your comment, stoical is a great way to describe her!

Anonymous said...


maija said...

( it was me:) )
Love your art work.
Merry Christmas:)

Anthropomorphica said...

:) Thank you dearly Maija and a most merry one to you too!!