Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Jean Harlow And The Unfortunate One...

Oh Gertrude! What happened to your lovely golden tresses?

                              Methinks Mathilda knows. 


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pretty Maids All In A Row

Spring seems to be in and out of the air lately but nature's children are uncomplaining, they dance with the icy winds one moment and bathe in golden light the next.

The woods are teeming with life and beautifully abundant with bluebells and fresh green ferns, spring fever is gaining hold and the time came for Mistress Rabbit to show her face at last...

Mistress Rabbit and the headless one.

I was tempted and inspired by the lovely long eared creations of Evelyn's Wonderland and Harem6 and decided it was time the Mistress came out to play. Here she is in various states of undress... Mistress was not amused!!

Mistress in all her finery, sweet Mathilda was fancying the ribbon for her bird cage!

Then along came Deadly Nightshade...

A delicate flower of the forest, one could be forgiven for thinking her fragility a weakness. Sadly, a dark and terrifying mistake to make! She may gambol and frolic among the fungi with the birds and butterflies, but woe betide those who capture or harm the sweet souls of the woods...

A darkling's work is never done.