Monday, 26 July 2010


A parcel arrived, what could it be?
"Surely" said Mathilda "It's all for me!"

Tis true, she's been begging and pleading for another baldy head.
A sister with a shiny pate and little twiggy legs!
The wonderful Miss Evelyn agreed to share her kin, 
Abigale arrived last week from her wonderland 
I do hope she settles in.

Dear sweet Abigale,  a fragile and exquisite creature, a tiny bird who finds herself most at home on Gertrude's lap. Don't worry Evelyn, Mathilda loves her dearly, she hasn't even pinched her yet!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Alice's Evidence....

"Oh, the Queen Of Hearts,
Was quite the tart..."

Wait, that's not the Queen...


You didn't...

You did!!

Oh, well...

Long live Queen Alice?!!!

Erm, Mathilda! Where's Alice, may I ask?...

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