Sunday, 19 July 2009

Gruesome Finds!

Taking a stroll with my dog the Galibeast in the park today, I came across a couple of grisly finds, courtesy of the local foxes or cats. A nicely intact section of a birds wing and a little further along a well stripped, if not slightly mangled rib cage which I quickly stowed inside a dog poo bag and is now residing in the sink in my studio. Mmmmm, next comes the clean up and then hopefully I'll be able to use them in a little dolly creation or two.
But believe me, for a veggie, the clean up will be somewhat stomache churning, I still have a bird carcass in salt that I've been too chicken (pardon the pun) to strip the feathers off it's tiny skull yet. Not to mention the magpie head that is hidden under a bush, in order to let nature clean it up for me. If this sounds all too "Wasp Factory" for you, let me stress the birdy bodies (R.I.P.) were all unfortunate victims of animal feastings and possibly a road accident in the case of the beheaded magpie!!
Waste not want not!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Welcome to my world...

I’ve just started on my doll making journey, having tinkered with needle felted creatures I was finally inspired to run out and buy a pack of paper clay by the wonderful, ethereal and spirit-ful creations of Blackeyedsuzie. I spent hours devouring her blog, seeing how she has grown as an artist and feeding my imagination with possibilities.
I've always loved fairy tales, mythical creatures and the "unseen"energies that surround and permeate us. I hope to capture some of the magical possibilities that are second nature to us as children in my dolls. 
Here’s a post of my first paper clay headed doll Eduardo, a sensitive, slightly nervous soul who you may find peering through the bracken in moonlit woods.
He’s  a work in progress but you’ll get the gist.