Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Samhain's Eve

Don't forget to leave some treats out for the wee folk, lest you don't wake up on the morrow ;)

Set the turnips aglow and enjoy the shenanigans and festivities this Hallow's Eve!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Halloween Bash

Welcome to our Halloween Bash, do come in and take a seat...

Would you like a cup of spiced cider, an acorn, a faery apple or perhaps another treat?

Look who's here, it's Abigale in all her party finery and Myrtle's just arriving too!

Gertrude plonks down next with hem singed and charred, been dancing too close to the bone-fire again, no doubt!!

"Spiced Spider brew?" asks Abigale. 
"Yes please! It's my favourite too!"squeals Gertrude

Mathilda's here but what's she doing leaning over the cauldron?
Is she checking the loveliness of her new hat?
Oh, but wait, what's that? A spell I hear?

Double Double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
Turd of bird and brain of rat;
Abra-stinky-cadaver or something like that.

Frill of Flouncer and toe of bat...
Oh, my giddy Aunt what is that?!!

'Tis the Ghostly Governessa and she's not best pleased!!
Not thinking it through, a raspberry Mathilda blew...

"MOCK ME WOULD YOU!!!" shrieked the Ghostly Governessa
and quickly she blew, enough disco dust upon them, to cover 92!!

"What's happening?" wailed Mathilda "My feet just won't stay still, I really can't stop dancing and am feeling rather ill!!"

"♪♫ ♪ ♫ It's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes it's toll... ♪♫ ♪ ♫"

"♪♫ ♪ ♫It's just a jump to the left,
then a step to the right.... ♪♫ ♪ ♫"

Let's leave them be and drink our tea, they'll still be dancing in a week or three!!
Then we'll hop back on our broom's and pay a visit to our host Vanessa Valencia at  A Fanciful Twist she has parties galore and everyone's invited ;)

Ghoulish Goings On...

We do hope you can attend

Tonight at 8pm (GMT) or thereabouts

Bring your own maggots!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Mathilda has informed me that unless I get blogging again "heads will roll" and you know Mathilda...

I'm afraid it may already be too late for Fatty The Magpie!

Gertrude is still waiting for her story to be told, Olive and Edgar are pinching the insides of my eyeballs in a bid for freedom and The Governess is is a terrible state of undress and tuts each time I pass. Patience is no virtue for the Fae it seems!!!

Monday, 26 July 2010


A parcel arrived, what could it be?
"Surely" said Mathilda "It's all for me!"

Tis true, she's been begging and pleading for another baldy head.
A sister with a shiny pate and little twiggy legs!
The wonderful Miss Evelyn agreed to share her kin, 
Abigale arrived last week from her wonderland 
I do hope she settles in.

Dear sweet Abigale,  a fragile and exquisite creature, a tiny bird who finds herself most at home on Gertrude's lap. Don't worry Evelyn, Mathilda loves her dearly, she hasn't even pinched her yet!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Alice's Evidence....

"Oh, the Queen Of Hearts,
Was quite the tart..."

Wait, that's not the Queen...


You didn't...

You did!!

Oh, well...

Long live Queen Alice?!!!

Erm, Mathilda! Where's Alice, may I ask?...

For a peek at some more Alice in Wonderland inspired dolls,
please visit the other participants in this months Art Dolls Only event.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Glad you could come, the fun has just begun....

Myrtle and Eduardo are the first to arrive

"Is that what I think it is?" squeaks Mathilda when she spies Eduardo's mysterious bottle.
"Yes, dear Mathilda. It belonged to Great Grandpapa, his famous vintage Birch and Amanita wine, thought I'd share a drop or too. Hmmm, it looks like that belonged to Great Grandpapa too!"
Eduardo said as he caught sight of Myrtle's brand new shoe...

Oh dear, looks like Myrtle's been pillaging the burial grounds again!!!!

What sumptuous delights! Gertrude brought a delicious macarron filled with cream and strawberries, Myrtle a rare and delicious egg and Nelimosa (the flouncer) brought a Snortleberry Surprise.
None of this has escaped Weesk and The Woo, who are peering through the greenery and drooling too...

"Won't you have some Moss Dew cordial and join us dear Woo" asks Mathilda
"Moss Dew cordial?"
"Yes" snickers Mathilda.

"Come Woo have some Snortleberry Surprise" invites Nelimosa " I made it myself" she boasts.
"Those aren't Snortleberries" indignantly cries The Woo
"Surprise!!!!!" chortles Nelimosa.

Don't worry!! Weesk is here as well , enjoying Strawberries with Gertrude but not  a drop of Amanita brew ;)
He knew, unlike The Woo that Moss Dew cordial doesn't stink and turn your brain to stew!!
Please forgive him for not telling her of Mathilda's dastardly plan, you see Woo's been rubbing stinging nettles in his eyes again lately, punishment for his mishaps and naps!

But wait who's that upon the fern? It's the Christmas witch, oh no! Did no-one invite her at all?

Oh we're sorry Witchy-Poo, this will never do. 'Twas all a rush and in our haste we forgot to visit your tree!! 
"Oh dear friends, I'm afraid I cursed you in my despair" wailed the Christmas witch. "I called upon The Galibeast, he'll crunch your bones and eat you up!!!"

" But I've only worn this hat once" sighed Mathilda.

"Don't despair, The Beast can be pacified with a slurp of your lovely egg!"

 Be still and show no fear, The Galibeast approaches....

Yippee it's working!!  But where is The Woo? Did he crunch her bones and eat her up too?

No, she's here under a bush, with an un-Snortleberry stuck to her nose. Looks like the Amanita brew got the best of her too!!

Anyone fancy a cup of tea?

Still hungry? For much munching of magic and more mad teas jump through the portal here

A Mad Tea Party

You are cordially invited to attend our Mad Tea Party.

Mathilda has put on her best hat and Myrtle her shiny new shoe, even Eduardo my bookish faun is wearing his party scarf...

I wondered what she was doing in my felt bag.

Very proud of her pretty bow and new hoof.

Such a dandy.

Please don't be late the fun starts in a few moments more!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Weesk And The Woo

After my meeting with Weesk, I became ever curious as to who is The Woo. Of course, I didn't quite know where to begin. So, I enlisted the help of  Myrtle Clumpett as I remembered that she was also of the Watcher clan, albeit disgraced (but that's another story!)
With my beloved Myrtle's help it didn't take long to locate their burrow.

The Woo, or Prudence The Prude, (as Myrtle calls her) was none too pleased at the sight of Myrtle and I. Poor Weesk was plainly horrified, lest I let slip that we had already met!

Knowing that Weesk likes to wag his chin far more than is proper, The Woo sent him out to collect supplies for their storehouse and some new moss for her carpet.

" Mind you don't dilly dally and keep your eyes open"

"I do hope they won't tell I was captured" worried Weesk.

"Oh dear, I do hope he doesn't bring lichen" muttered The Woo.

The Woo is fastidious about the upkeep of her mossy carpet and only the softest and greenest will do.