Sunday, 18 March 2012

Journey Through The Shadows..

 It was time, both dreaded and joyous,

  For Magda and I, to say our farewells.

I knew well, the magickal place to which she was heading

But still,

I lingered, half hoping she'd stay.

In she climbed and patiently waited.
So, I swaddled her there, with incantations and cloth.

When I lifted my eyes, she was gone.


brandi said...

~may your heart be ease this day...not saddened by her departure...only filled with the desire and inspiration to create another just as beautiful as her...may she journey safe to her new home...gorgeous one is she...much love light and blessings~

JJ said...

That makes two of us involved with bittersweet partings, Mel. It's a wrench, isn't it? And yet I've found that releasing somebody onto a road that is right for them only enriches the love, and is quite energising in its own way. I'm sure Magda will be treasured. Like all your creations, she has personality enough to win hearts.

Anthropomorphica said...

Oh you two are lovely!
Thank you Brandi and thank you Jeff. I just want to keep them all and want to send them off on their journeys at the same time.
Hmm, I wonder who or what will be next to visit me ...

Alandroide said...

Wow! Magic stories with beautiful characters.

I <3 your work.

Be happy :)

Anonymous said...


at-the-attic said...


Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Your story is so beautiful and heartfelt. May his journey be a joyous one and I am sure he will be much loved. I'm in love with your banner!!! Beautiful work and stories as always! Magical blessings!

illustration poetry said...

enchanting :))

Papillon Bleu said... heart is sighing right now..
Love this!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx( and more!)

Ruthie Redden said...

Oh the heart ache of partings x I can see why , she is such a little treasure too!

Just wanted say a thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts on what brings you peace. I too find so much peace when I am sat at my art table, I feel so lucky to be able to do that and my head drifts into “otherworlds” too! Have a beautiful weekend.
Ruthie x

Anthropomorphica said...

Thank you Dear Ones, it's a wonderful day to read all of your comments!