Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sweet Magda Fair

A timorous girl,
But no fool was she,
Having encountered the Fae,
Of the old willow tree.
No dream was this,
No slumber deep
That lustful sprite began to weep,
And wail he did and pound the floor,
Promises were made,
 and yet,
more and more.

Alas, whilst wise her eyes,
Her heart was green,
His ficklety unoticed, unseen.
Sweet Magda fair, with the silvered hair,
How brightly she shone,
Though when sweet petals were gone,

All that remained was the bitter, sharp thorn.
Leaving soft, alabaster flesh, bloody and torn,
Gaping, with a yearning too painful to hide,

Weeping silently she tried,
To forget the vows from lips untrue,
And from her heart all love she slew.

Thus, sweet Magda fair,
Shows no more,
The brilliance of her silvery hair.
Wrapped tightly in a shroud of black,
She knows now,
 That fickle sprite will not be back.

But still, 
She waits,
No longer pining.

She dreams instead of dining, 
On his heart, still beating,
However fleeting.

Whilst he thrashes,
And pleads, 
Growing faint as he bleeds.

Soft, alabaster flesh torn.

A taste so sweet.
'Aah' sighs she,
Now replete.

Magda's tale was a twist on a ballet called La Spectre De La Rose choreographed by Michel Fokine for the Ballet Russes in 1911. 

Originally danced by the magnificent Vaslav Nijinsky and the ethereal Tamara Karsavina, 

with set and costumes by the master himself, Leon Bakst. 

And so, I found this wonderful 2009 performance of Manuel Legris and Claude De Vulpian for you to enjoy 

with a goblet of absinthe and some turkish delight...


Shayna said...

Enchantress Melanie ~ Magda and her song, both tenderly beautiful ... and formidable, at once ... how magnificently you compose from the nacre filled places within you!

AWJ said...

Just beautiful and haunting. What a wonderful dollmaker you are!

Anthropomorphica said...

Thank you dear Shayna for weaving such a magick in my mind. I shall now always imagine a pearlescent chamber with a flickering candle...

Such kind words Athena thank you, I think Sweet Magda would have much to talk to you girls about ;)

Anthropomorphica said...

And may I wish you both a darkly wonderful Samhain, let the wild hunt begin!

JJ said...

Hunt high and low
For rakish sprite
Don’t let him get away

He must not sleep
Another night
He must be made to pay

Clear karmic debt
With death in fright
Let Magda have her way

Anthropomorphica said...

I knew I could count on you Mr Beazley, I hope you're visited by the Wee Folk this Samhain.

JJ said...

I always side with the wronged woman, Mel. It's the old Garter Knight in me.

I hope I am, too. Same back.

Do they have fairies in Paris? (well, apart from... Shut up Jeffrey!) What are you doing in Paris?

Anthropomorphica said...

Thank you, I have invited them but they do make me wait...
As for Paris, visiting a dear friend and making jack o lanterns out of extremely rotund aubergines!!!

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

How I enjoy reading your magical stories that accompany your little ones. I hope you have been well!

Anthropomorphica said...

Thank you lovely Evelyn, life is good. Moving around again :)