Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Glimpse of Tales Soon To Be Told

Thank you all for your comments on my rather melancholy tea party. I wish I could have visited you all more often but the rural internet connection has left me swept up in a dusty corner for the last two months. Roll on satellite!

Here a glimpse of two undone but soon to be, you shall see...


Kailee said...

Little subterranean ones - beautiful!!

AWJ said...

So tiny and wonderful. :)

Shayna said...

You & they are precious!

Melissa Clark said...

Sweetly small!

illustration poetry said...

no worries, i havent been blogging much lately either ;)

hope you are well.


JJ said...

Oh Melanie, Melanie
Maker of dolls
When will you return
From your ‘Costa del’ hols?

When will you be making
A tableau for sprites
To have their adventures
And lighten our nights?

Your troubles are legion
I know how you feel
But do give your dark ones
Some cause to get real.

Hello, dearest Mel. Hope you’re kicking a few arses over there.

Anthropomorphica said...

Thank you all dearly and MJ you made my day unequivocally ;) A few but not nearly enough!!!!!

Melandolly said...

Sooo cute!!!

m. said...

amazing!! i love their horns!

Nicomi Nix Turner said...

Oh the detail~