Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Tower

There hasn't been much of me here of late. My wandering feet have taken me off once more to pastures new and now stand hot and dusty on the hard clay earth of my new home in Eastern Spain.

Change has come with a crashing of thunder and a shaking of life's foundations. For those familiar with Tarot, The Tower sums recent times up perfectly, ferocious and terrifying but generously giving chance to clear old rubble and build anew.

The kindly folk have been so very quiet and at times I wonder if they will ever speak to me again, for I have gone so far, far away. I have a slip shadow of an inkling that they will once again find me, so, I strain my ears to the breeze and the whispering pines.

At present, life is lived with only felt and canvas separating me from the stars and raindrops. 

Night passes reading quietly by candlelight and longing for a swift, shadowy movement glimpsed briefly from the corner of my eye.

 Daylight brings with it wheelbarrows of stones, an emerging veggie patch and shade sought from the fiery glare overhead.

It's a strange feeling to have reached a dream and to realise the, at times, overwhelming responsibility of it's reality. I understand the folk who shy away from reaching for it and those who bolt just as it's in sight. For with it comes many hard lessons, questioning and soul searching and the dawning realization, that the dream, is not the end of the journey as one thought, but the very beginning. The tangible sense of creating a reality is at once frightening and exciting.

During the bright hours Mathilda lurks deep within her case and the dark silence of Eduardo my quiet, bookish faun is deafening! 

 Speak Dear Ones for I am listening...


at-the-attic said...

beautifully written

illustration poetry said...

hello, welcome back, i have missed you :))


JJ said...

Only just found this, Blogger having been worse than woeful for the past week.

Mel: you're bloody ace, you know. All I wish you, apart from good fortune and the company of special beings of course, is the courage to press on with whatever road feels right. You're one of the few rare souls with whom I would credit such courage. And don't forget, It's OK to respect your boundaries, too. Or so I believe.

harem6 said...

Wow !
Sounds great, moving to Spain! It is such a beautiful country! We wish you an amazing time there,,,it seems like dreams can come true !
All the best!
Ildiko & Flavia

Shayna said...

Beautiful Melanie~
It is profound what you wrote about dreams coming to reality and their attendant responsibilities ... moment by moment it will all take place ... and then when you look back you'll see the lovely chapters of your life that have unfolded just for you and filled with memories of struggles and wonders and bliss. How exquisite your yurt with the hanging star lanterns and your candlelit night time table! And the kindly folk are all there, hanging out in quiet places, watching you and waiting for you. (they're trying on new wings, too!) You are a brave adventuress, no matter what you do. Sending love you way, Sweet One.
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." -Ambrose Redmoon

Nicomi Nix Turner said...


What gorgeous country and what a terrific adventure!

Kailee said...

Utterly magnificent! I bet you even did it without a fearsome mask but perhaps a pebble for the company.

Melissa Clark said...

Thank you, very beautiful and you have helped describe feelings I could not have written down in words. So true about reality. Wow.

Papillon Bleu said...

When you said South I thought you meant Sount of GB!!!
this IS definitely South!!!
You're in Yurt!!! How fantastic!

Anthropomorphica said...

Thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement!

At the attic, thank you kindly.

Lakshmita, you too! I intend to visit you very soon :)

Jeff, my eyes almost leaked! I know you haven't written these words lightly and it means a heck of a lot to me that you have so much faith in me, thank you!

Lovely to see you dear Flavia and Ildiko and thank you for your wishes.

Oh Shayna, you and Jeff have undone me between you! I always find so much peace with your words and am glad you share your wisdoms with me. Oh, Mr Redmoon!

Ms Nicomi, most lovely Queen of all the fungi thank you! What a beautiful picture by the way.

I did Sophie but i could have used one from time to time ;)

Melissa, thank you so much!!

Hee hee Patricia, yes it's a little further. Hope to be back for a visit before the end of the year though. The yurt is such a great place to be I love it, I can often hear the wild boar snuffling around it in the night time!

Pinecone Stew said...

WONDERFUL photographs !!!

Have a super week.

Nicomi Nix Turner said...

By the way, aren't yurts the most enchanting way to sleep?

Anthropomorphica said...

Thank you Harry you too!
Oh, Nicomi! They are wonderful, I'm completely in love :)