Monday, 28 March 2011

Weesk And The Woo (Part II...)

The Woo has undergone some changes since last we saw her, the life of a Watcher is not without it's hazards. Sneaky peeking through a blackthorn hedge at the comings and goings therein, she was unkindly squirted in the eye with boiling bat's urine. 

Why it was boiling and who, I shall not say... but it has left The Woo with one eye drawn in under a moon milk glaze.

The bumps and lumps you now see, are mementoes of secrets and circumstance spied, growing and groaning a little more with each passing moon. 

Until at last, The Woo, is as stiff and knobbly as a gnarled tree root, neither moving nor peeking, waiting eternally to be reborn. 

So, do watch where you tread in the forest and what you choose to carve.
Many a watcher has been undone that way!

Poor Weesk, who already had enough of his own woes, couldn't bare to forsee a life of helping after sticky helping of others misery, misfortune or mischief.

 And so, our dear Weesk soon disappeared, 
secretly and silently he slipped away through the city to a world, not entirely unlike our own.

The Woo, in a terrible state, sqwawked and clutched her breast as she searched on and on, through pond and glen and bog and briar. Well, she had a quick nosey around the house!

But in her haste she missed the spot, where first I saw him behind the pots, and there I spied, a fine and silvery sliver beckoning by the draughty window. It was a curious note scratched and scrawled on papery birch bark.

gon teee vlings
byond netl patch
wiv byrd

Weesk had left us with his nettle stung eyes smarting. The mossy coated creature of the stumps and rocks, found a sheltered enclave, out of harms way, with Evelyn and her bird boy

© Evelyn Santiago,
Evelyn's Wonderland 2008-2010

(and the unhinged bunny!)

But, the Kindly Ones do like to trade and so left with us our sweet oneiric one, dreaming of deep oceans no doubt.

"Good riddance!" Huffs The Woo.
But when I look, I see her eyes are smarting too.


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Perfection.

m. said...

everytime i look at your work, the first thing that comes to me is wow, INCREDIBLE
keep going on, every character that comes for you is a muse

JJ said...

Subtle and sad, Mel. Partings distress me.

Róisín said...

That was quite the adventure, I didn't want to get to the end! The poor wee Woo :( We'll all miss Weesk, but it sounds like he's gone to a better place.

Great post as ever Melanie!

Anthropomorphica said...

Thank you mg.m you've made my day!

Me too Jeff, but sadly, they're often necessary.

He has Roisin, at times I'd like to follow him ;) and thank you.

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Melanie, your work and stories are truly incredible. Please tell me that you will write a book someday!
How I fear for the Woo and his poor little eye. Weesk is truly amazing and how I love him. He has been very taken back with all that is going on in my little world, but is feeling quite at home. Please send my love to the sweet Juliet.
Magical blessing to you!

Anthropomorphica said...

Evelyn, I'm so glad to see you here again! A book? There's a thought that I may never come back if I delve so deep ;) You see you saved the Weesk from a terrible fate and I'm sure he can barely believe his luck. Thank you :)
Juliet joined my night time wanderings and told me that she'll see you in yours soon, for she misses you often.

Ana M.F. said...

you really do these? your work is fantastic ♥

Melandolly said...

These are so Erie and amazing! I love them :)