Monday, 11 January 2010

not been a particularly faithful blogmaiden!

'Tis true, I'm afraid, pink and shame-faced, here I am. Methinks it's time for a catch up!

 Autumn came and went, and dolly making made way for felting. I took part in a couple of craft and design fairs, in Brighton and London. A lovely time was had in Brighton, I stayed at Paskins Town House and had a cozy bed and delicious organic breakfasts washed down with a huge pot of tea. It was a stones throw from the sea and a short stroll to the venue. Fairs are always a tricky affair, but I met some wonderful people and had the great fortune of having my stand next to Chris and Tanya, both ceramicists who I got to gossip, giggle and eat cake and Japanese food with. They kept my spirit high when it could have been heading for the door. 
The most amazing experience that weekend was catching up with a long lost friend (20 years, eek!) who showed me the best bits of Brighton in a howling gale, while we nattered and chatted. 
In London I chanced upon the work of Dan Hillier, I was smitten and have vowed to treat myself to a piece one day!!

Christmas was a sparkly, delicious affair with pomegranate seeds on everything and plenty of books! I hauled out the old bent tree and adorned it with my beloved Grandfather's christmas witch, a finer tree fairy there surely never was!

We've had plenty of snow this year which added to the magic no end, with crunchy, chilly walks with The Galibeast and pink skies. 

The new year has rolled in and I'm preparing for imbolc, refocusing on my dolls and daydreaming of pictures not yet painted.


mycuriousteaparty said...


I have just found your site through the OWOH event, I would just like to say that your work is truely inspiring, I love your art dolls, they are wonderful.

Unknown said...

Hi there, I just found your through OWOH and really like your work, please add me to your giveaway. Those branches are so cool, what kind of tree do they come from?

Nicomi Nix Turner said...

I love the second picture. They look like they belong there. Wonderful job!

Anthropomorphica said...

Thanks Nicomi!